How to Choose the Best Online Slots

Online slot machines are the rage today; you will seldom find a gambler who has not tried out these cash cows. Selecting the right online game slot is a vital part of making certain that you get a decent amount of winnings. This is where the question arises that what should you look for in a slot before investing your time and money on it. Gaming experience aside, the review discusses the various things to look out for when selecting an online game slot.

How to Choose The Right Online Casino

Choose The Right Online Casino

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Check the Payout Percentage

Most gamblers today look for slots that have a lot of fanfare surrounding them. These slots may boast high-end graphics and tons of features but may just end up being a black hole for your bankroll. Choosing a slot with a high return-to-player means that you get your shot at the big win while losing very little. Online casinos like offer a number of such games. Slots with a high return to player like those with an RTP of 97 percent and above payback the player 97$ for every 100$ spent on the slot.

The 3$ you lose go to the casino as earnings. This doesn’t seem to be much though, does it? The thing to remember here is that the RTP is not limited to you or the 100$ you spend on the slot; it is paid out over an extended period of time to multiple players. Thus, getting the RTP demands a certain level of commitment to the slot.

The Random Number Generator

While playing online slots, it is not uncommon for newbies to look for patterns in order to increase their chances of getting a win. The sad part though is that the numbers and symbols that appear on the reels are truly random and are generated by a computer program called the random number generator, RNG for short.

Every fair online slot machine has an RNG at its core; it makes it next to impossible for anyone to guess what the next symbols in the slit would be. Fairness is thus ensured, and you have as much chance as anyone else at getting a win at the slot.

Pick the Underdog

It is not difficult to understand that a game slot that boasts high-end graphics and 3D animations along with a ton of bonus rounds and special features took a substantial amount of investment to create. Loud slots generally have very low payout percentages and should be played only for the experience not to make real money.

It is usually the less advertised, hardcore gambling slots that give more in terms of payouts. You should thus be looking for online slot machines that might be located at the darkest corners of a casino but have the potential to get you insane wins.

The Demo Game

At this point, you probably have researched all the slots out there and have come to a decision as to which ones you wish to try your luck on. Before making the final decision, it is imperative that you play these slots for free.

Most game slots these days come with a demo version that gets you free spins and helps come up with a betting strategy to maximize your wins. Checking out the demo game is the secret to winning at any slot and makes you familiar with all the controls, features and bonuses offered by it.

Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses

You probably have decided upon a slot you wish to play by now and are looking forward to getting your hands on some cold hard cash. This is when you start to realize the importance of choosing the right online casino, of the numerous options out there which should you choose? It is important to realize at this point that selecting the right casino is as important as choosing a game slot.

The various bonuses offered by casinos greatly enhance your chances of winning. Try to read some reviews to get to know more about the best casinos out there. There are a number of points to consider before handing over your money to a casino. Read the withdrawal policies of the casino, read casino reviews and complaints, support services provided and try to understand exactly what players feel about the casino. Take note of the experiences of other players before making a decision.


Though most game slots in the online gambling industry have been licensed by renowned gaming authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, there are still a few slots out there that seen to be shady. Make it a point to check out the licensing authority while choosing a slot or a casino, running with games from well known developers like NetEnt and Microgaming is your best bet at avoiding shams.

In recent years, game slots have been witnessing a rise in footfall owing to the increasing number of people being introduced to online gambling. Technological developments have led to slots that boast better graphics and animations than their predecessors.

Even though the core concept of online game slots remains the same, the gameplay is made innovative by adding bonus rounds and various other features. It is no wonder that new players find it difficult to select a slot and are drawn in by the popularity of some slots. This article is our attempt at introducing new players to the world of online gambling and helping them find a slot that suits them best. 🙂

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