How To Use Blogger Outreach To Help Your Business Grow Online

Growing your business means more or less figuring out the kinds of business strategies you should apply in order to add a new “spin” to your needs. This can be in the form of a new product or service, or a marketing strategy you can use to up the ante on your business needs.

Blogger Outreach Best Practices

Interestingly, if growing your business is the game, blogger outreach seems to be the modern way to play. In fact, a lot of companies are getting into blogger outreach because of the benefits it could give, both in terms of making new connections and expanding opportunities for rankings. How does this work?

It may help to get a better look into how content can help with your marketing efforts, so you can see why more and more blogs have started getting into blogger outreach.

For instance, in WordPress alone, more than 409-million people actually read more than 22.2-billion (!) blog pages every month. Bloggers alone produce as much as 91.8-million new pieces of content for their viewers to read, which is 77-percent of internet users.

In fact, businesses do benefit from writing blogs. For instance, active blogs of businesses do make 67-percent more leads compared to those that don’t, and they have the potential to experience as much as 126-percent higher lead growth.

Marketers who focus on content also seem to be 13-times likelier to see better returns. This also seems to be the attractive marketing choice, as content marketing can generate thrice as much leads as paid search but cost 72-percent less.

Growing With Blogger Outreach: How Does This Work

With the above taken into consideration, it helps to understand that pushing for better content production can actually be good for your business, especially with best practices.

What not a lot of companies realize is that seeking the aid of influencers and bloggers into spreading word about your brand can actually propel your business to its full growth potential when done right. How exactly do you do this through blogger outreach? Here are some of the many ways you can start:

  • Researching about bloggers, influencers can help your content approach: When you research about blogs and influencers you can tap into for blogger outreach, you’re actually getting a much better idea on how your viewers want content in your niche to appear. Remember, you’re planning to communicate with bloggers and influencers to have them make content for you. Even if these don’t push through, exploring blogs, websites, and social media accounts owned by your partner prospects still can give good insights towards your audience expectations.
  • Start to develop, cultivate lasting relationships through proper communication: When you establish communication with bloggers and influencers, don’t just use a “spammy” template with your email or point of contact. These bloggers likely receive a lot of messages everyday, so make sure yours stand out. Make your communications straightforward, and your intentions clear. What do you want them to do for you, and what can you offer for them? Make your emails to them “personalized” (even with a template that appears personalized), so your communication with them is natural.
  • Offer something of value to your potential partners: When you communicate with bloggers, or before you even communicate with them, make sure you’re offering something valuable to them. What is something that they would appreciate on your end that they might like to review? Try to make sure it’s something related to their specific niche, or the specific approach to their blog.
  • Keep track of the progress of all your communications: Keeping track and keeping tabs of your blogger outreach efforts is an extremely important aspect of making everything work. Make sure you have a document handy and analytics tools that will allow you to track specific keywords or identify places where links to your site or topics about your content are being written and discussed. This gives you a better picture on how far your content or content about you is reaching, and what sort of people find them appealing to read about.
  • Follow through by sharing in your various platforms: When bloggers and influencers do start making content for you, follow through by sharing their work, posting on your platforms, or using social media to “promote” the content. This at least makes the blogger or influencer aware that you’re with them even beyond your correspondence. This also paves way to a much stronger relationship between you and your partners in the long run.

The Takeaway: Growing Your Business With Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting

With the above taken into consideration, you might notice just how blogger outreach from companies like No BS Agency can actually pave way not just to increased rankings, but also increase exposure of your brand to various audience members.

Not only that, blogger outreach also provides tremendous opportunities for you to connect and establish good relationships with bloggers and influencers. This essentially means blogger outreach really allows your business to grow not just from a returns standpoint, but also from a growth standpoint. Are you ready to use blogger outreach?

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