How to Cure The Flu?

If untreated, the flu may entail serious health-related consequences. This is why you must not ignore any symptoms. How to treat the flue fast and effectively?

The flu is contagious so the first thing you should remember about is to avoid direct contact with the sick. There is no cure which would eliminate the cause of infection – the only way is to mitigate its symptoms.

How To Treat The Flu

The infection may remain hidden for the first 3 days. Is it possible to keep yourself from the flu? How to cure it effectively? Please read below to find answers to these and other questions.

Is vaccination effective?

Flu vaccine producers encourage us to vaccinate in autumn and winter. They say that even a single vaccine can protect us against infection. The truth is that vaccines may support our immunological system and therefore reduce the infection risk, but are not always effective.

Vaccines launched a year ago may prove to be helpless in the fight against viruses as they mutate continuously. Mutations may be so advanced that a preventive injection fails to fulfill its task. This is why vaccines cannot secure us against the flu completely. In spite of this, it is advisable to vaccinate as it reduces the infection risk.

Do not ignore your sickness!

Do not ignore the symptoms of the sickness. When you are ill, it is essential that you should have a short break from work, school or any other duties. It is advisable to make use of home remedies, such as milk with honey and garlic or tea with raspberry juice. They may work wonders.

Aside from home-made cures, you should buy cough lozenges and other medicament which can help you deal with the illness. Drink a lot: especially raspberry juice, lime juice and black elder juice as they have healthful properties.

It is highly important that you let your organism recover fully. Do not do any intensive workout shortly after you have got better and do not expose yourself to strong cold and wind.

Flue complications

Flue complications

In the aftermath of the sickness, you may experience complications, such as pneumonia, myocarditis, or encephalitis. If you ignore symptoms of these diseases, the consequences may be terrible. This is why you should get medical advice immediately after you have noticed any complications.

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  1. There are home remedies you could try to help relieve cold and flu symptoms, including ginger, honey, garlic, and chicken soup. You can also try having some warm bath and take probiotics to start feeling better.


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