3 Things Many Don’t Know about Addiction

Addiction is a common problem among many populations around the world but there are many factors that others are unaware of when it comes to these afflictions. Addictions can take many forms. An individual can become addicted to food, sugar, alcohol, drugs, gambling, caffeine, sex, prescription drugs, and even online gaming.


You may have a family member or close friend who may be going through an addiction and you want to be able to understand this person and his complex issues better. Three facts that many don’t realize about addictions include the following:

It is a Disease

Many just assume that addictions are generally a lack of willpower of individuals but in reality, addictions are diseases. They can be genetic and can strike anyone at any time.

Treatment can include the combination of the use of meds and hospitalization. Many addicts often get lumped in with populations with mental health problems but in reality, addictions should be treated uniquely and separately.

It is a Chronic Condition

Once an addict, always an addict. If you are an alcoholic, you will always be an alcoholic. You will always be an addict once your obsession becomes clear. After you are aware of your issues, then you just need to learn how to cope with the specific nuances of the affliction.

You Can Recover from Your Addiction

There are so many resources available to assist the addicted individual in the fight against their particular addiction. These may include interventions, hot lines, support groups, alcohol recovery resources (including the well-known 12-step programs), drug treatments, outpatient services, and facilities specific to the type of addiction.

So, if you have a friend or family member who is caught in the web of an addiction, know that all is not lost. Help point that person in the right direction and toward the right resources to ensure that he or she gets the best in care and treatment for their specific condition.

So, if you are an addict, do not refuse or turn down assistance with your issues. Many individuals just want to help, do not brush them off or turn them away. they may have had family members or friends with similar issues or be an addict themselves.

The 12-step program which is a great alcohol recovery resource has been shown to be especially effective as it entails the use of a “Buddy” System which seems to work well for many.

Addiction Recovery

Just knowing that there is someone out there who is standing by, ready and willing to assist, instead of judging or condemning is huge. Some of their slogans include “This too Shall pass,” and “One Day at a time.”

Alcohol recovery resources can assist individuals in combatting this prevalent disease. these resources can include hotlines, clinics, and professionals who specialize in treating those specific individuals who are afflicted.

Know that you can make a huge difference just by providing a listening ear, providing support, information and transportation to specific resources, and by not judging, criticizing, or condemning that specific individual.

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