Is Watching TV Online for Free, Legal?

The answer is both yes and no. It is actually dependent on how you are watching the TV. One of the best methods to determine if the content is illegal or not is if the content you are watching has advertisements or not. The content producers will not be able to release the content without some kind of sponsorship.

Watching TV Online for Free

If you notice that you are watching a show without any sponsorship then it might be illegal. However, this method of determining might not always work.

When you look for some classics or new movies to watch, it gets tempting to use a website that offers you the chance to stream then free of cost. However, there is plenty of catch to it, particularly when there is pirated content.

Are Online TV Streaming Sites Legal or Not?

The basic rule of the thumb if you find a site that is too good to be true then it might be illegal.  There are several sites which offer pirated copies of all new movies and these are sponsored by the advertisements. Hence, the question is how you will check if a movie that is available on the online site is legal or not.

Experts have to say that there are few sites over the internet which offers information on where you will be able to watch these movies or some TV shows. In case an app or website is offering a film free of cost which is still be showcased in the theater or on the TV, there is a high chance that it is not legal.

A Legal Site will Tell You where They are Getting the Movies

The legal online streaming sites get their shows and movies in two ways, either they have permission granted by the film studio or they are showcasing it under the public domain.

At times, a film studio or some other content company will allow the streaming movie website to showcase the series or the movie. Either they might be affiliated with the website or they can be giving the studio money to use in the films.

If there isn’t any copyright, it might turn out to be common property which anyone will be able to share and view legally. You will notice that most of the times, they will showcase old movies.

This will include classic which you have already about and old shows. Free online streaming sites which show shows and movies that fall under their domain can be chosen from

Check out the About Us page for finding out information regarding where they are actually getting the movies from.

Legal Websites will have Contact Information

When an online streaming website is legitimate, they will have nothing to hide. Hence, the contact information will be available to you pretty easily. Check the bottom of the page to look for contact information. They should have a valid phone number, email address, and a physical address. This is how you will know that it is legal.

How Sketchy Online Streaming Sites Work?

Streaming shows online can be illegal. Apart from this, it might also expose you to viruses. Also, it might be poor in quality. With Netflix and other online paid streaming sites, people have become used to high quality. However, there are millions of people who are using illegal sites either to save time or money.

Online Streaming Sites

According to a study, about 14% of people have admitted that they stream unlicensed content. Moreover, some of the respondents said that they didn’t stream unlicensed content because they didn’t know how to.

Streaming online content can break the law in two ways, when a user is downloading a part of the file, it is called pseudo streaming. It serves as a copy of the material of copyright and this is illegal.

When the user will stream content like public performance, for instance when it is shown to a large number of people outside the family circle and the close acquaintances, it will constitute the violation of copyrights. Apart from these cases, accessing unlicensed content can be taken to be legal.

There are some online streaming sites which will try to avoid the hassle by avoiding hosting the content rather than serving as the search engine for links in order to stream the content. This is usually embedded from the secondary site. In such a case, to decide the accountability, you are going to need inducement rule.

According to the ruling of the Supreme Court, the website or the company can be taken to be accountable for the distribution of unlicensed content if they infringe upon the copyright.

It generally depends on the marketing and also the uses it has it pretty encouraging. It cannot be said that GM is on the hook simply because the technology that it offers can be used in an illegal manner.

However, you will find secondary sites where the content existing violates the law of copyright. Nonetheless, they aren’t as big as the main site. In case you have to choose the battles, you will have to run after the bottlenecks. It is going to offer you access to infringing content.

Online Streaming on Mobile App

Not every online streaming site will have a mobile application to watch the shows and movies on the go. However, if they have one then you do not have to worry about infringing the copyright. This is because the app available on the stores will not take the risk of providing illegal content to the users.

On the app, you will be able to stream legal movie free of cost. There is an endless list of sites like this. You can do research to find out which is the best.

If Doubtful, Move On

If you find a free movie streaming website and you have a gut feeling that something might be wrong with it then it probably is. It is better to move on to some other site where you will feel comfortable and that appears legitimate to you.

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