Why You Need Online Security Services to Protect Your Customer Identity

What, if someone took your online identity without your permission?

Imagine this scenario. You start getting alerts for credit card charges, new credit card issuance, bank debits and so on. On taking up matters with your banker, you find out that someone else has been operating your account on your behalf, without your knowledge!

Online Security Services

Sounds Impossible? Well, it is possible, and it is happening around the world.

Here is how. Thanks to the Internet we are living two lives. Digital one and Physical one. Most of us try to match the digital one with the physical one or vice versa. It is literally like managing two profiles while living a single life.

Tough life I must say! Things get even worst when somebody steals your digital identity.

A single stolen identity can lead to huge credit card dues or even hideous illegal criminal activities, like the story of Helen Anderson, whose identity was stolen by a meth addict (Read: She Stole My Life).

According to the 2017 Identity Fraud Study of Javelin Strategy & Research, 15.4 Million U.S. consumers lost a whopping $16 Billion due to identity theft.

Moreover, every single day the risk is getting bigger. Hackers are getting better at their trade and are deploying modern hacking techniques that can steal your complete personal identity information from the connected world.

The need of the hour is a reliable and professional online security service. A well-chosen service can bring immense benefits to your personal and digital lives.

Your money and business related information will remain secure as it always should be. Here are some ways how an online security product or service can help you.

It Saves Time

If you do not have a proper online security system that protects your digital records, you will have to spend the time to pore over your bank statements and account logins every time. You have to monitor every time to ensure that it is a transaction that you recognize.

This is such a waste of time and energy. Imagine an enterprise having thousands of records having to do this process on a regular basis. It is here that an online security service can be of help.

Now, what if you are eCommerce player? Then an online security product like an SSL certificate would be a better choice. An SSL certificate is a bite-sized file that can encrypt all information that exchanged between a server and a client browser. You can buy SSL Certificate from a reseller at a very discounted price.

It Amasses Trust

For online businesses, trust is the foundation upon which customer relationships builts. Without trust, customers would be sceptical about conducting transactions. Business would take a nosedive sooner than expected.

An online security product, like a security seal or badge displayed on the website, can help remedy the situation. These seals or badges are icons that customers can easily identify as hallmark symbols for security.

They help build trust in a virtual environment where meeting the customer does not happen so frequently.

It Keeps Your Client Payment Information Secure

Do you know your credit report information can be a juicy target for hackers? Your past financial transactions combined with the credit report in the wrong hands can lead to a financial disaster.

Identity thefts work primarily by stealing an individual’s personal information. The criminal then proceeds to use such information to carry out financial transactions like credit card purchases, loans, bank guarantees, etc. which can make you legally liable for huge damages.

Can you ensure that your financial information is secure at all times? It is a difficult task indeed. That is why you need an online security service that can do the heavy-lifting of taking care of the security while keeping your private information secure.

Protects Your Business Reputation

If you want your business to grow and invites more conversion online building reputation is the must. A customer does not trust those businesses that are not serious about their customer security. Setting up some serious security parameters like using SSL Certificate offers many benefits.

First, your client data will secure from various network security breach activity and second its help to build strong customer trust. According to PCI compliance, website those are accepting online payments must have SSL installed on their payment section.

Final Words

The Internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for conducting transactions. Cybersecurity attacks are attaining a level of novelty and innovation that has never been seen before in history. Ransomware and malware attacks have become commonplace. Newer forms of cybersecurity attacks featuring social engineering and identity theft are becoming mainstream.

Traditional security features like antivirus software or firewall are not sufficient to keep your website and your identity from harm. You need the help of advanced online security services and products that are built for the purpose.

If you think these services are not worth the investment, then you might want to think about the losses that you will have to incur for not taking precautions.

As the adage goes, a stitch in time saves nine.

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