5 Tips to Choose the Dining Sets That Can Add Value to Your Restaurant

The competition in the hotel industry is cutthroat. Restaurants are taking extensive care of all the aspects of services, from living to dining. Restaurant tables and chairs form the core of the dining set in any restaurant. While buying these a range of questions might ring in your mind. Size, design, and color are only some of the imperatives that you should consider.

Tips to Choose the Dining Sets

Check out the other essential tips that you should follow while shortlisting restaurant tables and chairs for your prized property.

1] Size Matters

After all, you are buying the restaurant tables and chairs for commercial operations. Differently sized dining set should be ideally placed in the restaurant. It is always important from the business perspective to know how many guests can be seated comfortably.

While the number of guests does matter, the design of the dining set should be such so that the guests can comfortably move over after completing the food. Designers recommend a minimum of a 30-degree gap between the table edge and the wall or any other cabinet.

Ideally, the dining table- chair set should be suitable for 4 to 6 guests. You could order some pairs of 4 seat dining set and some pairs of 6 seat dining set. This will create a comfortable ambiance in the restaurant and you would be able to manage the guests comfortably.

2] Distinct shapes for different spaces

Space management is another key aspect that should be kept in mind while choosing the restaurant dining set. Distinct types of table and chair combinations are available in the market. You can choose among round, square, boat, rectangular and oval-shaped tables.

If you wish to offer more private space to guests, a round table dining set would perfectly fill the bill. Whereas,  a large number of people can be seated comfortably in a rectangular table though.

3] Check the height perspective

The standard dining table height preferred by most customers is 29-30’’. However, some people are looking for casual dining space so the counter height can be preferred.

Such a table would ideally be 36’’ high and will need 24-26’’ chairs or stools. Such tables would be great for small rooms and as additional seating in the restaurant if required.

4] Endless Design and Style Options

A restaurant can have different design options including those from traditional, sleek and modern to the rustic style. The dining set height, shape and edge style will definitely add to the overall look of the restaurant. If you are looking for a traditional design for the restaurant, a boat-shaped table with decorative legs will do wonders.

A restaurant with a modern setting should ideally have a rectangular table with a thick square edge. The square edge design helps in maintaining the proportion in restaurants which are symmetrical in shape. These dining set tables can comfortably seat 4 or 8 people. All the guests, in this case, would be equidistant from each other.

In case you have a small restaurant, the round dining sets would create a perfect ambiance. This dining set is all set to create a warm and friendly environment in the restaurant. You will definitely love the experience in case you are accompanied by small children.

The style also matters when it comes to completing the dining experience in the restaurant. The modern and contemporary style of designing is mostly preferred in restaurants.

The modern dining tables add an element of progression and pace to the eatery. On the other hand, a contemporary dining table could easily adjust to the dimensions of the restaurant.

5] Colour and seating

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the color options for your dining set. You can pick up a dining set for the restaurant from cherry stain, grey paint to bold metal colors. Different kinds of wood texture including aged, wire-brushed and distressed are available.

Seating is also a vital component when it comes to adding to the overall ambiance of the restaurant. You can choose from among chairs, benches, and stool in case you have taller dining tables in the restaurant.

These chairs too have unlimited color and design options. If you are accompanied by small children, benches would be the best option as the children can easily climb over and get down.

You could also place some chairs with arms in your dining set. These are easier to climb in and out for elderly people as they need large space. To add the element of versatility in the restaurant, you can also add side chairs or armless chairs. These occupy less space and guests can easily slide in from the side. Moreover, the design option in this is endless.

A perfect dining ambiance is what a guest would aspire in the restaurant. By choosing the dining set carefully, you would be taking the first step in making your restaurant a profitable venture. Go for it and reap the benefits that follow!

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