Six of the Greatest Sites to Surf the Web

Most people use their mobile devices to keep up with their social media profiles and check a few news, weather and celebrity websites.

Greatest Sites to Surf the Web

There’s so much more out there, from sites that give you informative and interesting talks to entire webpages devoted to online poker. Check out the sites below – some of the best, more informative and least-known websites today.

1] Whizzpast

History can be a fascinating subjects but schools do a great job of turning it into a boring discipline that seems to mainly focus on memorizing data for tests.  Check out the Whizzpast website where history comes alive.

There are dozens of posts to scroll through –everything from hairstyles through the ages to life on the streets throughout the centuries, historical badasses, protest movements of the 20th century and more.

Whizzpast takes the visitor past the traditional study of history’s wars, heroes, monarchs and migrations and into real stories of real people and real events, including some of the more unbelievable events of the past.

2] Funny or Die

The Funny or Die site features a daily mix of original and user-generated content including parodies about recent events with spoof videos, images and text.

Did you see the video about humans racing as T-Rexes? That went viral from the Funny or Die site.  Thought that you’d never see a family of pugs that somehow got into some green food dye?

Here it is, complete with the pugs’ big pug eyes bulging out of their green fur. Whether it’s updates about storming Area 51, bad date songs or a list of weird laws that are still on the books, you’ll find it at Funny or Die.

3] Zooniverse

Zooniverse is a science site where science becomes fun. Visitors are invited to become involved in real science experiments through participation in online research. The research projects span humanities, different disciplines in the sciences and more.  Through your research you can contribute to real discoveries.

Some current projects include Muon Hunters in which researchers help  astronomers find muons, which are disguised as gamma rays, through a clustering approach, Chimp and See where you observe chimpanzees to help track their activities and learn more about their behavior, Shakespeare’s World in which you’re asked to transcribe documents that were written in 16th century Europe that will teach scholars more about the world in which Shakespeare lived and wrote and the Western Shield Camera Watch that tracks the nightlife of Western Australia’s Jarrah Forest.

4] Feel Good Wardrobe

It’s easy to rant and rave about the sweatshops where people work in horrible conditions for a pittance to produce clothing for the world’s richer countries. If you really want to do something to alleviate the situation while, at the same time, indulging your sense of style and fashion check out the Feel Good Wardrobe website.

The site is managed by women who are as committed to looking good as they are to protecting those least able to protect themselves.  Their goal is to help women create “a happy and balanced relationship with what they wear.”

Feel Good Wardrobe gives you the tools that you need to build a basic, classy wardrobe while you act in a respectable manner towards the textile workers, the factories of the Far East and the environment.

Their blog touches on such subjects as how to beat a fashion addiction, how to develop a fashionable wardrobe on a budget, underwear shopping and how to fight fast fashion.

5] Will Robots Take My Job

In recent years there’s been a lot of discussion about how susceptible jobs are to computerization.  It’s estimated that 47% of the total U.S. employment market could be at risk and experts say that that number applies to the rest of the world as well.

If you’re thinking about your future and wondering what to study, or how to advise a young member of your family, check out Will Robots Take My Insert the name of the job into the search bar and get a projected overview of the job’s risk level, median salary and projected growth.

The Will Robots Take my Job website classifies 702 occupations to project which jobs are at a high risk to disappearing to robots and Artificial Intelligence over the course of the coming decades.

The projections are, obviously, not fool proof.  But they are based on the estimations of experts in the field so the site’s data should be taken seriously.

6] George Takei’s Facebook Page

George Takei is best known for playing Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on the Stark Trek Enterprise, and then, in the movie, Captain Sulu of the Excelsior. Takei has become a Facebook icon with a Facebook page that sends out a steady stream of funny, wry and thoughtful posts. Sometimes his posts include images or video content and sometimes they are texts.

Takei’s Facebook page started out as a way for him to engage with his fans but since the page’s debut in 2011, it has grown tremendously and now has 10 million followers who appreciate Takei’s mission of  promoting “the equality & dignity of all human beings.”

Posts vary, everything from “Animals that Make You Smile” and “Women of Star Trek” to “Awesome Shark Facts”, “Easy Ways to Spend Less Money,” and “Television Ads that Backfired.”  

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