7 Factors You Need To Consider While Buying A New Smartphone

Are you looking to buy a new mobile phone? Choosing the right mobile really is important, and it is much more than just picking the latest mobile phone or an APPLE iPhone.

There are various vital factors involved that you should take into consideration before making the purchase. We will list and discuss these factors to help you buy a Smartphone that will be the perfect device for you.

Buying A New Smartphone

Processor-Factor #7

One of the most critical factors in buying decision of mobile phone has to be its processor. A Processor is a single chip that communicates with all the other components and performs the required tasks.

An efficient processor is required for the smoother performance of all smartphone components like camera, display, etc. If you are going to do a lot of video/image editing or play mobile games and stream videos, then opt for a faster processor.

There is a lot of hype about processors with jargons like octa-core, quad-core, MediaTek, Snapdragon, and so on.

Here are two simple thumb rules.

  • Look for the ‘NM’ the processor is based on. The lower the NM more powerful the processor is.
  • Check the processing speed that is mentioned in terms of ‘GigaHertz (GHz).’ Higher the GigaHertz (GHz), the faster the processor is.

Memory-Factor #6

Phones Memories are classified into – Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read-Only Memory (ROM).

RAM holds data (Example: Opened Applications)for a shorter period of time, With higher RAM, the phone runs smoothly, and multitasking becomes effortless.

ROM is the internal storage of your mobile. It stores data for the long term. This ROM is the memory storage type used to store the OS, apps, and files like videos, photos, songs, and everything else you want to store on your mobile.

Here are the thumb rules for RAM & ROM.

  • eMMC 5.1 is the cheapest ROM type and is offered in nearly every budget mobile, but it can hardly manage to handle your daily tasks and may start to lag after some time or during multitasking or gaming. UFS 2.1 comes in many lower and upper Mid-Range phones and is much better than eMMC type ROM. UFS 3.0 and UFS 3.1 are the ultimate ROM types and are used in flagship or premium phones.
  • Don’t get misguided by the specifications like 6GB RAM, 8GB RAM alone. The type of the RAM is also important, whether it is LPDDR4, 4X, or 5. The newer the RAM type is, the better it will perform in handling your daily tasks.

Camera -Factor #5

Don’t let the manufacturers fool you by the hype surrounding in-built cameras on phones, whereas brands try to outdo each other by offering more and more megapixels.

A good quality snap is the outcome of multiple factors like ISO levels, aperture of the camera, and autofocus speed.

If you are going to click a lot of pictures, then go for a mobile with a 12 or 16 MP lens with an aperture of f/2.0 or lower. However, if your use of the phone camera is not likely to be heavy, a Smartphone with an 8-12 MP camera and aperture of f/2.2 should be enough for you.

The number of megapixels, manual modes, special effects, hybrid autofocus, optical stabilization, and special selfie modes: mobiles are becoming more and more like a digital camera.

Display-Factor #4

The display screens are the most expensive part of a Smartphone. It enhances the appearance and experience of the phone but is susceptible to accidental damage.

There are various types of these display screens.


  • TFT LCD-Thin Film Transistor Technology LCD.
  • IPS LCD-In-Place Switching LCD.


  • OLED-Organic Light-Emitting Diode.
  • AMOLED-Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode.
  • Super AMOLED.

AMOLED Displays are the best when it comes to color quality and high contrast. In addition, studies confirmed that they cause less strain to our eyes compared to others.

Refresh rate also plays a vital role; it is the number of times the display refreshes per second; its unit is Hertz (Hz). For a regular user, 60-90 Hz is good enough. For people using high graphics video editing and gamers, 120 Hz is preferred. A higher refresh rate will drain the battery quickly.

Battery-Factor #3

The battery capacity unit is mAH. Higher the mAH, the longer the battery life is, which also increases the bulkiness and weight of the phone.

The most popular types of batteries used in mobiles are the Lithium-Ion cell and the Lithium-Polymer cell. Li-ion Batteries are less expensive; hence they are more popular with smartphone manufacturers.

If you are a moderate user, then a 4,000 mah battery is enough, and you need not worry about charging your mobile multiple time a day.

Nowadays, mobiles are coming with fast charging technology to reduce the time of charging your phone.

After-Sales Service #2

After-Sales Service is an essential aspect for consumers. Whenever you face some issues with your mobile, you will need to visit the brand’s service center. Hence before buying a Smartphone, you must check that the brand should have an official service center near your address.

Cost – Factor #1

How much do you want to spend on your next Smartphone?

Economics is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a phone.

Last on our list, but the most important factor to consider before you purchase your phone. Is it worth it to spend 60,000+ on some premium mobile, or is it perhaps better to limit yourself and buy something within a moderate price range?

Prices tend to go lower during sales and festive season, which can save you a lot of money for the very same handset which you always wanted to buy.

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