6 Ways To Know If You’re Tech Savvy

6] You Know How To Use Google – The Right Way

Google’s pretty simple, right? You think of something, type it in, and press enter! However, that isn’t the end of the story, and there is a better way to use Google. Believe it or not, it’s also a smarter way to find the things that you are looking for.

Tech Savvy

To better use Google, enter your search terms, and then use the “minus” sign at the end to eliminate results containing those phrases or words. If you’re comparing foods, use the term “vs” in the search and you’ll get a comparison of the two foods, along with the nutritional facts of both.

Finally, if you’re searching for a page with specific words/phrases, use quotes to delineate this and Google will take you to the pages that have exactly those words.

If you are aware of these simple tricks, and especially if you use them, then you are truly, most definitely, a tech savvy person. As such, your friends probably ask you for tech support all the time!

5] You Don’t Have A Cable Subscription Anymore

As a tech savvy person, you are aware that the costs of a cable subscription continue to go up as the years pass. But online streaming methods continue to become cheaper and far more varied in the kinds of programming that they offer.

Because of that, you most likely no longer have a cable subscription. Instead, you probably have a Netflix subscription and some kind of Smart TV – such as the Fire TV or Apple TV – that gives you instant access to many different platforms for streaming, along with a seemingly endless variety of shows and movies. These days, a cable subscription just isn’t worth it.

4] You Know How To Use A Smart TV

There are many different Smart TV’s out there. Most people know how to use the various Android Smart Televisions – the most popular – because it’s a fairly simple and easy to use piece of equipment.

How To Use A Smart TV

However, those who are truly savvy when it comes to tech – such as yourself – know how to use the Fire TV well! You know the best application for it, and you know how to install it and how to use it.

However, you may not have started off that way, because none of us do. Instead, you most likely used Troypoint’s install guide, which enabled you to have access to many great pieces of media.

3] You Use The Smartphone That Is Right For You

Apple or Android? You’ve probably heard that question at least once, and most tech savvy people have heard it more than once.

Tech savvy people use the smartphone that is right for them. Some of them take lots of photographs, and they appreciate having access to tools that allow them to edit those pics. Others appreciate security and a certain amount of complexity, so they purchase from one of the more niche Android brands.

It all depends on what they intend to do with it and what they want out of a smartphone. Since you are a tech savvy person, you determine what you need and want out of a smartphone, and then you purchase it!

2] You Know The Importance Of Online Security

Online security is one of those “hot-button issues” now, due to the fact that many businesses and social networks have been mining and selling our data. Not only that, but it’s easier than ever for people to type in your name in a search bar and figure out where you live, who you are, and all of those important and somewhat unnerving things.

Since you’re a very tech-savvy person, you are aware of the fact that identity fraud is only becoming more and more common.

In the United States, people lost a total of SIXTEEN-BILLION dollars due to identity theft and other insecurities that were found within people’s “digital lives.” Which is why you keep a close eye on what you share and reveal online, delete your spam folder every other day, do a monthly antivirus scan, and keep a close eye on your credit/debit card information, along with anything else that is stored on the Internet.

1] You Learn What You Need/Want To Learn

Learn What You Need

Ultimately, as a tech savvy person, when you want to learn something or figure out how to best use a technology, you just go for it! You take the time to learn about it, research it and master the subject!

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