A Closer Look at Online Gaming

Online gaming has gone in popularity over the years. This can be attributed to the revolution of the internet and the fact that more and more people are getting access to the internet. Online gaming comes in many forms including first-person shooters, massively multiplayer role-playing games as well as strategy games.

A Closer Look Into Online Gaming and Internet Cafes

A Closer Look at Online Gaming

This is only going to get better with more and more providers making games that can be accessed via handheld devices including mobiles and tablets.Some are websites that have a mobile option while others are applications that can be downloaded to suit the different operating systems available.

Growing Online Gaming Niche

The more popular of the online games are the online casinos. These are virtual versions of the brick and mortar casinos that are known to exist in Vegas, mostly. Online casinos offer a lot of gaming options. These include slots, Baccarat, table games, and poker. Table games consist of the various forms of the roulette. Online casinos like http://moneyonlineslots.com/online-slots/ have options for free games and games where you play with real money.

They offer bonuses in a bid to attract players to their casinos as opposed to that of their competitors. Seeing that the market is huge and that most of the casinos offer more or less of the same games, incentives are important to attract players.

As a player, the choice of a casino is mostly informed by the reviews written by other players and experts of online casinos. Other important points to consider include:

  • The Return to Player percentage (RTP).
  • Which currencies they accept, and whether you are comfortable working with the said currency.
  • Their license and regulatory certificate. If they are licensed by a respectable body, then you can trust them with your money.
  • The quality of their interfaces and the games they offer. Slow interfaces mean that you will be bored fast band might end up losing more.

Bitcoin Online Casinos

Bitcoin Online Casinos

Online casinos are making efforts to keep up with the emerging trend. More and more casinos are accepting payments through the bitcoin cryptocurrency. While some are accepting both the BTC and the standard currencies, others have been put up with the cryptocurrency as their only form of trading.And they are quite popular in an emerging market. Players prefer using the btc as opposed to the standard currencies because:

  • The player remains anonymous because the btc does not require bank and personal details to trade. Many players love the fact that their privacy is maintained while using this currency.
  • It is a cheaper option. This is mostly because there are no middlemen required to transact using the bitcoin as is with the standard currencies. Unlike the standard currencies where you have to use middlemen like Skrill and Paypal, among others, to transfer and/or receive funds, having your bitcoin wallet is enough for transactions.
  • Thecryptocurrency is protected by military encryption making is secure for players. With this information, the player is confident that their information is safe and secure.

Social and Economic Effects of Online Gaming

Economic Effects of Online Gaming

The online gaming platform is said to be worth USD 47.11 billion. This number is projected to grow to USD 59.79 million by the year 2020. This industry has created employment for many people. From software developers of the software providers that include companies like Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Novomatic, Playtech among others; to those who design the casinos themselves. Customer support desks also require people to work on.

There are game experts involving in calculating the odds as well as the licensing and regulatory bodies that require manpower to run.

These companies also pay taxes to the governments under whose jurisdiction they are in. This has seen economies improve. Some gaming platforms and sportsbooks are known to sponsor various entities in the sporting industry.

While all these are great benefits of online gaming, there is a negative social aspect to it. Online gambling is viewed as a leading cause of gambling addiction. Unlike land casinos where the player comes in with friends and are involved in a physical activity, online gambling is usually done in solitude. This, if done over a long period of time can change from a regular gambling activity to one where the player cannot do without.

Eventually, it becomes an addiction and the player has to borrow money or steal in order to fund the activity. They will miss out on work and other necessary activities just to play. Eventually, the illusion of grandeur they were yearning for will become more elusive.

There is also the issue of underage gambling. Teenagers and young children are getting entwined in virtual gambling and this is seeing lots of young lives destroyed. Kids are dropping out of school and stealing in order to fund their gaming desires.

Online gaming will only get bigger. And this is a good thing seeing the economic benefits it brings. Just like any other industry, however, it is imperative that the industry is regulated against abuse. Measures should be put in place to ensure that children cannot access the gaming sites.

While there isn’t an exact solution to gambling addiction, precautionary measures need to be put in place to help rehabilitate the addicts. User education also needs to be done so everyone getting into gaming know what they are up against. 🙂

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