The Complete Pan Card Details

We are here in 2017 and many of us know that an identity card plays a crucial role in identification of a citizen can be done in various methods in various form of identification cards. Now a day’s identification card is only accepted when the ID card is issued by GOVT of India.

One of the second major Identification Card issued by Govt of India is PAN card. PAN card stands of “Permanent identification number card” are authorized by Income Tax Office. You might be thinking why it is necessary to get PAN card for yourself. Let me give few reasons why you should get one of these.

  • You are eligible to open a bank account.
  • You can get an LPG connection.
  • You can easily get a SIM card for communication.
  • It is mandatory to have PAN card, when submitting your documents to a company for a job.
  • PAN card is must of you are applying for scholarships.
  • PAN is now mandatory, if you are buying a vehicle (2 & 4 wheeler).
  • To apply for Govt jobs, PAN card is must.

These were very few reasons of hundreds, there are several uses of PAN card doesn’t matter which state you belong, which city you are from. Now it has also enabled companies to get one of these of they are making transactions above 50k INR, PAN Card has now become essential for business owners.

Not only that, since technology is growing rapidly the Govt of India decided to make this process digital. Now you can apply for PAN card right from your home or work place without stepping a foot out of the house. You can get one of these for you and your business if you want to manage your own financial transactions.

Before we proceed to how to apply for PAN card, there are few things we need to get it done. Let’s look in to those required document.

List of Documents Required for PAN Card Application:

These documents are what we need to apply for PAN card. The required documents are, it starts with your birth proof, address proof, four photos (Keep two photos extra in case if anything goes wrong or if you are applying online then make sure to keep one copy on desktop) and identity proof. Lastly ID proof.

If this is your first time to apply for it then no need to panic. You already have most of the required certificates so you do not need worry about documents. Unfortunately if you face such scenario we will show you few alternatives.
This is how it goes, we will first talk about Birth Proof, Address proof &Identification Proof.

1# Proof of Birth:

If you are applying online then you have to get scanning and if you are applying off-line then get 2 copies each with 4 photos.

  • A Birth certificate issued by Govt or authority of hospital.
  • A driving license.
  • Passport.
  • Ration card with your name & age mention on it (Even if it includes you other family, it does not matter).
  • Marriage certificate (It should be coming from marriage registrar).
  • Your metric passing memo with your date of birth mentioned on it.
  • I you do not have any of these then getting an affidavit can help you.

I understand that there are some of you, who do not have any of the above mentioned documents then you can use your pension card or approach any local lawyer and ask him to affidavit with signature and stamp of magistrate.

2# Address Proof:

  • Electricity bill should be below 3 months old.
  • Water bill.
  • Driving license.
  • Recent LPG or GAS bill.
  • Bank account statement or Credit card statement.
  • You can also use your Internet broadband bill.
  • Aadhaar card (In case your address on it is different from your current address then apply for correction or it cannot be used as Address proof)
  • Your passport or your spouse passport.
  • Property registration.
  • Rental agreement (It must have your name and address).

If you are living in a rented house then the best way to get approved is to provide Aadhar card, electricity bill and water bill as they are common and it can makes it easy to get PAN card.

3# Identification Proof:

  • Unique Identification Authority of India issued Aadhar card.
  • Birth certificate issued by Govt Division.
  • Your metric passing memo.
  • Your 12th class passing memo.
  • Ration card (It should have your name and photo).
  • Driving license.
  • Health scheme card with you name mention on it.
  • Your bank passbook or get a letter from bank head with his signature and stamp on it.
  • Arms license.
  • Any type of ID with your name and photo issued by GOVT.

Now that you these documents you can proceed to apply for PAN card online or off-line. I forgot to mention to you need to 4 passport size photos or scanning of your images. Now you’re ready to apply for pan card.

How to Apply For PAN Card Online:

Go to this site to apply.

Once you on the site you need select and fill up the following required fields.

First choose “Type Of Pan Card”, There are three options

  1. Apply for new PAN for Citizen.
  2. Apply for New PAN card for FOREIGN.
  3. Apply for correction, changes or reprint.

Since I’m applying for new PAN card then I’ll select the first one.

Next up is Category, even it has several options like

  • Individual
  • Company
  • Trust
  • Firm
  • Government
  • And more.

Since i’m applying for myself, i will go with Individual, because individual is nothing but regular PAN, which you can find on any common citizen.

Next up is very simple, you can do that by yourself.

Fill in your “title“, which represents your gender. Your surname, first and last name. DOB, E-mail and mobile number.

Then submit it.

Once your done with this part, you will be re-directed to another page, which have similar fields and you have submit all of your scanning and photos up there.

How to Fill Out the PAN Card Form:

The image below the actual PAN card form, you will get it when you apply it from your local authorized center. The application is circulated for free of charge. In few authorized center they charge you Rs.5, to avoid paper wastage.

You can find authorized PAN card centers near to your place. Carry a pen and gum to paste your photos on application. Carry at least 4 photos, the required photos are only two but in case if you make any mistake you can fill out another fresh form right away.

Note: Not everybody carried internet enabled phones, in that case turn back the form, you will find set of instructions on how you have to fill up form. Read them carefully and proceed.


The above image is actual PAN card form you have to fill at authorized center along with required mentioned documents.

From the top you have to paste your photos, let’s just skip that part until we finish it properly. Write everything on application form in capital letter.

1. First step is to write down you full name in capital letters, small letters will not be accepted.

2. You write down the name in a custom order, it’s your choice if you want to the name to be printed in a different order (You can change the order like “Khushal Barot” to “Barot Khushal” but you cannot add new name).

3. If you were known by a different name then tick Yes and proceed as follows (This is used for brides, who have changed their last name after marriage).

4. Mention gender by ticking Male or Female.

5. Your date of birth (You can see that there are more different options on it but those are for Non-individual like business, firms, Govt firms etc).

6. Now its time to write down your father name (You can write down your father name, Even if you are married).

7. Now write down you current address (You address is where you are staying at present because the PAN card will be delivered to that address and top of that the postman will deliver to the applied person so he won’t hand over to other than your family members).

  • Flat/Room/Door/Block, If you are residing in an apartment, write down your flat no or door no.
  • Name of your building or township name.
  • Road no, street name and post office name.
  • Your area name.
  • Your district name (Preferred is your town name, it will make easy for your post man to deliver).
  • You state name.
  • Pin code.
  • Country name.

8. You can avoid office address as you are not applying for Firm registration.

9. Address for communication should always be Home for individual applicants.

10. Ask the management, if they can find any mistakes and make sure to check your name, date of birth and address written properly without making any changes. If you make any mistakes then apply for it, it might cause a lot of problems later on.

11. Now add your suffix two passport size photos on the top. Once you are done sign below. Remember that signature will be printed on your PAN card as well to check for authenticity. So use your primary signature.

Note: Check for mistakes and correct before you apply to avoid correction process.

How to Know Your PAN Card Status Online:

So, I understand that you have successfully submitted your PAN card application and waiting for your PAN arrival.
You might be wondering when it will be delivered then do not worry you can check your PAN card status right from your PC. How to do it?

What you need is, after submitting it they have provided you a number, which is also called acknowledgement number. You can check your PAN card status with acknowledgement number or Temporary Token Number.

  • Got to NSDL website from here.
  • Remember the website? Of course you do, this is the very website you used to apply your PAN card.
  • You see that another tab on the top “Registered User”, Tap on it to proceed.
  • Your current switches to another one hiding all the time.
  • Now you have type in your Acknowledge number or “Temporary Token Number”.
  • Enter your e-mail id and your date of birth mentioned during applying.
  • Once all of the fields are filled, Hit submit button.

There you go, now you can track your PAN card status.

How to Check Nsdl / UTI PAN Card Status:

Tracking you NSDL/ UTI is very simple. The only things you need is the website and your application coupon number

  • Go to NSDL/UTI site.
  • Enter you application coupon number.
  • Then click on submit it.
  • In case, if you have made any mistake then hit “Reset” button.

After you submit your application coupon number, you can view your rest of the details like UTI PAN Card your status. If you have entered wrong number then next page doesn’t show up.

How to Download PAN Card Correction Form [UTI / NSDL]:

PAN card correction form UTI NDSL can be done online and off-line. You cna download the PAN card correction form UTI NDSL form from the official website. The file format of the PAN card correction form UTI NDSL form is in PDF file format.

You can download the forms from these official sources.

  1. Source number one.
  2. Source number two.

These sources will always be remain the same because these forms are official UTI / NSDL, so you can download these forms anytime.

How to Get Duplicate PAN Card:

We are very careful when things come to our personal belongings. Those belongings can include several things, it could be in any form and structure and weight.

There are so many belongings we have ti take care of, sometimes we lost them in keeping them safe and secure. Despite of taking all necessary steps we lose few out of many. One of them could be identification cards. Who are we blaming they come in small & thin package, they can easily get lost.

Now we have situation of lost property. PAN Card are now a days very crucial in several legal related work. You have lost it, do not worry the authorities understand your situation very well and allow you to apply for a copy but genuine PAN card. If you have lost your PAN card you can apply to get a copy of it from the authorities.

Guide to Apply for Duplicate Pan Card:

Wondering how to apply for Duplicate PAN card? Honestly lets stop addressing it ask “Duplicate”.

The process is known as “Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN data“.

It serves for multiple reasons, it could be that you might want to update new information, you might have made a mistake and requesting for correction and Re-applying to get a new PAN Card.

I have listed out the documents you need to provide even when you are re-applying to get a re-printed PAN card. I think you already have those documents at the first time you have applied to get the PAN card.

In case, you do not remember then you can take a quick look on what you need. I have already covered these topic at the beginning, if you wondering you an go through that detail.

  • Birth Proof
  • Address proof
  • Identification Proof
  • 2 passport size photos (Keep 2 extra)

Let me take you to few steps to explain how to request for new PAN card.

  1. To apply go to this site (You can check out the instructions from official website and on the third row “Reprint of PAN Card”).
  2. Now you are on the official authorized website for applying for PAN Card.
  3. “Image Reprint of PAN Card”
  4. Select the third option as shown in the image.
  5. “Image Reprint of PAN Card 2”
  6. And fill up all of the necessary details like i have shown in the picture.
  7. Once you have filled up all empty blanks then click on submit.

You will be redirected to another page, where you have to fill up the rest of the details. You have to pay around 110/-, only if you are a Indian citizen. If not then you have to pay 770/- to get re-printed PAN Card.

It will take around 15 days to review and your Pan card will be delivered within 30 days of applied date. If the delivery is taking time and you want it at early then contact you post office to receive it a little early.


Now we are at the end, we have covered several topics today from Applying for a new PAN card, how to check PAN card status, how to know the status of UTI/NDSL PAN card status and how to apply to get re-printed PAN card.

If you are applying from a authorized center then carry a pen, gum, 2 extra photos, copy our instructions on your device notepad and Rs.120/-.

If you have any questions related to from how to apply to when will it be delivered? Think we have missed any point worthy to mention? You can ask us by using comment section below. We are also accepting your feedback as token of appreciation, why wait clear your doubts and let us know what you think of this. 🙂