9 Technological Tools for Science Classrooms

Thanks to the modern technologies, pupils and students experience appreciable privileges in the compulsory curriculum. The learning process has changed crucially during last five years.

These are not only modern devices and equipment but also online tools and studying, tracking, and testing software.

With updated systems pupils can understand, memorize, and repeat the learning material, as well as share the results with teachers, parents or work in a group with classmates remotely. Let’s take a closer look at modern technologies in education.

Technological tools for science classrooms

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Tangible changes and new systems

The modern educational technology combines various innovations. These are profiles on the official school systems, online libraries, educational software, online educational courses with videos and quiz, testing systems, virtual laboratories and networks for sharing thoughts and expressing opinions.

There are plenty of online assisting services, for example australia writings, that can help you. A teacher who wants to motivate students is obligated to use modern tools. It is the absolute must for additional motivation. Which of them are the most efficient?

1] Kahoot

It is a mobile app which allows teachers achieving motivation and engagement. It is a game with the option of setting home tasks, challenge quizzes and join games hosted in class.

Play Kahoot

New technology for the classroom is suitable for secondary school. It makes children want to do homework, compete each other and meanwhile learn the material.

2] Language learning tools

The most popular application for learning language is DuoLingo. There are plenty of pupils who have already learned foreign language using this program.

It has a character and an integrated self-learning system that generates everyday pieces of training and information. This app is one of the most popular among all the variety of other educational tools.

3] Voki

Voki is an app presented a free collection of customized visual avatars for students and teachers that improves classroom education, class integration, and lesson understanding.

Here, you have an opportunity to customize your avatar by picking out the head, clothes, and accessories at your discretion. Also, your avatar is gifted with automated voice commands and speech recognition functions that make a communication even more realistic and interactive.

A well-designed and helpful educational app that can improve your learning and make educational process more engaging.

4] Virtual laboratories

Each kid and adult dreams about a lab where they could experiment with imagination, creativity and knowledge. To make the dream come true, there are virtual simulators for each subject.

Virtual laboratories

With chemical ChemCollective each student can practice mixing chemical ingredients in a safe environment. The same is possible with experiments on physics. The advantages of technology are not only safety and visualization but also engagement into the science.

5] Voki for a virtual classroom

It is a unique service, which allows a pupil or a teacher to create an educational avatar. Virtual classes are fun and motivating. The technology allows creating science classrooms where a teacher can add participants, assign tasks, track progress, and approve or disapprove assignments.

There is no need for registration because a teacher creates a profile for all the participants. It is an opportunity to spend less time for preparation and more time for studying.

6] Online courses

Today there is a plenty of online courses published by universities, social organizations, and other educational institutions. Some universities, like Berkeley, include online courses into the official curriculum.

It is an excellent option to obtain new knowledge. With official certificates from some of the services, it is possible to upgrade future professional profile.

7] Insider accounts

Today many universities implement internal accounts for students. It is the best way to keep all the information about modules, programs, courses, and schedules.

Students can also upload completed tasks, find necessary literature, register for a course or book a place in a sports section. Digital schedule is a step forward for every university.

8] Digital library

The necessity of going to the local library was always less attractive than an opportunity to find relevant literature on your laptop.

Many schools, colleges, and universities already provide their students access to a digital library with all the material for education. It is convenient, fast and efficient.

9] Write about

It is a service that allows students to express themselves. Very often, it happens that in-class time is too limited to share ideas and discuss them. Many students need critics or support. The service Write About gives a chance to post a personal opinion about anything. Teachers and classmates can criticize or support these posts.

10] Prezi

Prezi: Presentation Software

Preparing presentations can appear relatively annoying and complex process. PowerPoint, which is considered to be a universal tool, sometimes associates with discomfort and formal style of the information.

With Prezi, it is fast and straightforward. Each presentation can appear to be entertaining due to the engaging and simple process.

Prezi allows creating a stylish product in a short period. This modern tool can become an additional motivation for pupils.

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