Best Places To Go For Metal Detecting

Who does not love treasure hunting? Everyone loves it and enjoys doing so. But the disturbing question is where to go for the hunt? The location is the most effective part of hunting.

If you know the right places for metal detecting your hunting becomes more fun. For the solution to your quest, we discuss here the best places to go for metal detecting.

Places To Go For Metal Detecting

But before going out you should take the best metal detector along with you, also give a look at local law so that you won’t bother yourself.

Your back & front yard

Start with the back and front yard of your home. It is the place where playing, relaxing, and socializing has been done, so chances of dropping something there is maximum.

School sites

You can detect metals also in Schoolyard as schools are the oldest building constructed in towns, providence, or community. Chances of getting old coins and old metals are more there.


Parks are also the best area for metal detecting. People use parks for resting, relaxing, having lunch and of course, children play there. Circuses, concerts, and state fairs and parties also arrange there. So there is a great chance to discover the metals there.


Beaches are the best place for metal detecting. People do a lot of activities there; playing, sitting on the shore or relaxing there are most common. In these actions, there is a great chance of falling metal from them.

Rings, coins or even chains often fall down. The best time of detecting metals are just before the sunset, when the crowd has left. After a storm is also a good time for detecting.


The church is also a good place for metal detecting. The church is the oldest building constructed in the city. The best areas in the church are the entrance or courtyard. People passed from there or sat there. That’s why in these places often coins and other metal fall down.

Historical place

You can get metals from historical places such as old houses, museums, battlefields, or any other historical place, where people go for a visit. In these old places, there is a great chance to get old metals, old coins or any expensive and Precious things.


Fields are the most popular place for hunting treasure. Treasures and other finds are often found in the fields. Ploughing fields are best for hunting as the soil is loose there. It probably happens that during ploughing many metals and valuable things have been buried there.

Also, lands are used for several purposes in past years such as burial sites, trading sites, training groups or camping. It is good that you search for a history of the land that you are going to discover.


Stadiums are also a good spot for metal detecting. A big crowd comes together there to watch their favorite sports. Mostly metals from the body or from the pocket of people fall there and have lost. You can search for metals there after the match, when the crowd has just left.

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