Sagoon App Review: The Social Media Revolution

Living in the digital age has its own merits and demerits. The world appears to have shrunk with the advancements in information technology. Now distance doesn’t matter. You can connect with people anywhere in the world; share your experiences across the miles and even make purchases sitting from the comforts of your home. All of this and more has been possible because of the advancements made in the IT sector.

Sagoon – Connect. Share. Earn (Android App)

Sagoon App Review

Earlier it was the websites that made all this possible but with the introduction of smartphones, mobile applications have been introduced. These apps have made things all the more convenient for everyone.

There are numerous apps being developed on a daily basis for different websites, after all, presence across different digital media forms ensures more success. A number of social interaction apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. are popular for connecting with people across the continent.

One might, therefore, wonder, what makes Sagoon special? The tagline- connect share earn, aptly describes what’s unique about this latest app available on the android market.

Revolutionizing the social media

Most people use the internet to either shop online or to connect and share their world with their loved ones. For this, they make use of various apps. However, a number of apps on your mobile means a shortage of space. Sagoon bridges this gap in a beautiful way.

It rolls social media, e-commerce, and instant messaging rolled into one. It has amazing features which help you to not only connect with people but also in buying and gifting stuff. Some of the amazing features of this app are-

Sagoon App Review

1) Organize with MyDay

A well-organized day can lead to more productivity. Instead of cribbing about lack of time to accomplish what you want, you can simply download Sagoon from Playstore and let it manage your life in a better way.It a calendar, manager, organizer, reminder, and timetable all rolled into one.

It helps manage your home and office efficiently while mirroring your planner to your loved ones. This way you can catch up with them if in the vicinity, thus helping you connect with family and friends.

2) Share your Story

Sharing is caring! Share your stories, experiences, and anecdotes with people in your social circle as well as across the barrier of distance and time. This is a unique way of communicating with people, letting your emotions flow as well as enriching people with different issues.

Make use of photographs (up to 3) and words (220) to tell your story. You can also seek anonymity while sharing your experiences; keep track of who reads your stories. Your readers can view, comment and like/dislike your stories.

3) Talk your Mood

Express how you feel about the use of apt stickers. Sagoon’s MoodTalk is a different way to chat. Here you can describe your mood which will be relayed to your loved ones as an SMS. Whether feeling low or elated, sick or unhappy; your mood stickers will help you to reconnect with your loved ones. Share your feelings and feel better about this app.

4) Flaunt your Social Smart Card

This card helps you shop as well as earn simultaneously. Purchase stuff for yourself or for gifting your loved ones from online stores or physical retail outlets. While making purchases through the app, you get an assured 5% cashback with every purchase you make.

This ensures that the sender and the receiver both are the recipients of happiness. This app can help you connect with people in a way which profits everyone!

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