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Fantasy games have caught the imagination of people all across the world. Many people who are avid game enthusiasts but do not find enough time in their busy schedule to actually pursue their dream of playing the game, can now fulfil their wishes through a variety of fantasy games easily available online.

Play Fantasy Cricket Game

It is no wonder that many of them prefer to participate in various fantasy from the comforts of their home or office.

Not only do they have a great time enjoying the sport, but they also end up winning prizes by applying their knowledge of the game. All of this has resulted in the immense popularity and growth of the fantasy sports industry in India.

Fantasy Games – A Great Opportunity for Sports Enthusiasts

Sports is one of the greatest unifying factors for people across places. Many people, separated by space are united by their support of a common team. Thus anywhere across the world, you will find fans of Liverpool, Manchester United, NBA, etc.

Games like football, cricket and basketball have a huge fan following. It is, therefore, no wonder that a fantasy league of these games too is equally popular. Some of the most popular fantasy league which have generated huge interest in people include:

1] Fantasy Cricket

Cricket generates a huge frenzy in people, especially in those countries where cricket players are at times put up on a pedestal. With a huge population, Indians now consider cricket as their religion, with numerous people glued to television and the internet to get the latest update of matches and commentary. It is no wonder that a number of fantasy cricket leagues are popular amongst the cricket enthusiastic people.

2] Fantasy Football

Football is another sport that has generated an immense fan following. The craze can be seen especially during FIFA or European league, not to mention the season leagues taking place across the world.

3] Fantasy Baseball

Baseball is one of the most popular sports, especially in the U.S. with players participating in junior and senior league. It is, therefore, no wonder that fantasy baseball leagues will be equally popular too.

What makes Dream11 special?

Despite the presence of a number of fantasy playing leagues, people have often preferred to choose Dream11. The popularity of the portal can be attributed to the fact that it purely runs on passion. Providing a platform where people can play a fantasy league online for various sports such as cricket, football, NBA, hockey, kabaddi, etc.

Various contests provide you with a chance to use your knowledge of the game to earn money. Other advantages of choosing Dream11 over similar fantasy cricket games include:

  1. You can virtually participate in any of the matches being played live anywhere across the world.
  2. Use information about players and playing conditions to select the best team.
  3. Earn fantasy points whenever your chosen team members score in the actual match and get rewarded for it.

You can participate in any fantasy league or series available on Dream11 and get the chance to win exciting prizes and official merchandising products as well.

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