Is GTA 5 The Best Game Ever Made

Even after 5 years of its initial release GTA V is considered a game worth buying online by many players. It is essentially due to the features and continuous update that the game provides.

It is one of the best-selling games of all time in the US. In the year 2016, it was recorded as the second most popular game after resident evil which resident the very same year.

It is commendable for a game which was launched 3 years earlier to surpass the numerous others which must have hit the market for the time being.

Facts about GTA V

This is not just a coincidence and there are many obvious reasons for it. Before we jump into the reasons and why let’s check some facts.

  • The latest updates show that over 90 million units have been sold worldwide.
  • GTA 5 is one of the rare games that has seen its revenue increase year after years and has continued to do so in the 5th year of the release where the world is eagerly waiting for the update.
  • In the year 2017, 15 million units of the game were sold. This put past all the other major release in that year which included call of duty and FIFA.
  • The revenue increased each year with a complete game sale and online earnings both contributing to it with the games offers.
  • GTA 5 has sold so many copies that every Xbox One owner or PS4 owner is likely to have that game in it.
  • There are only two games which GTA V needs to pass that include the same of Tetris which is 170 million and Minecraft which is 144 million respectively.
  • Speculations suggest that by the end of the year 100 million copies will be sold and yet there is no stopping of the progress as it is clearly a game which is loved by the players.

GTA V has maintained its position as the most successful and celebrated video game. There are many reasons behind this success which includes beautiful open-world environment, anarchic humor, engaging narrative, secret missions and side-activities, sub-quests and longevity to the world.

Progress and changes

GTA stayed ahead in providing clients what they want

The main reason that attributes to the success of the game in many popular opinions is the updates and changes which are constantly made.

Shortly after the release of GTA V, Rockstar introduces GTA online which was a platform where players could directly compete against each other to earn cash and kudos while running around the streets of Los Santos. There were certain initial hiccups to this new set up but rockstar made all efforts to provide a high level of interconnectivity to ensure uninterrupted gaming time.

The games offer a lot of thrill with missions, raids etc. the players are free to join in just for a few minutes or play along for hours. This kind of freedom and the customization option has been a major force in creating likeliness for the game.

No stone is left unturned even for marketing

The strategy that the game developers and marketers have utilized says a lot about the popularity. The games have all the features not to slip out of your mind and if it does then the promoters make sure that you are reminded of it.

The digital marketplace has created a huge platform for the game as it can now be easily downloaded using various different platforms. The gaming stations wherever they launch a new game the buyers see GTA V tempting them for an immediate download.

Rockstar has gone a step ahead and offers additional content for the buyers who are upgrading their PS3 and Xbox 360 to new sets of PS4 and Xbox One.

More than a game it has become a culture

GTA V has now become a venue than a game which means now it is a hangout place which offers so much more than just gaming that it is not easy to move away from it. The fact that the games allow flexibility and choices it is suitable for various different age groups.

This is the reason that it is a game which attracts young players and old generation alike. Also since using single iterations everything can be easily remodeled and re-equipped it is something which is convenient.

Even the city- Los Santos follows the same path and is remodeled every few years with new architectural ideas and technologies to keep it relatable and fashionable.

Grand Theft Auto V - Video game

No age bar for the players

The mindset of the players and their age also play an important role in the popularity of the game. Now, there are many players who are in the age of forty and fifty who actively play these games.

Now this is not the generation which has the time or energy to actively choose new games and look for hardware upgrades. They thus rely heavily on the updates provided by the existing games which will help in changing their experience.

Win-Win for all

GTA V has been able to provide a large audience the experience they are actively seeking and the one that they will cherish. Since it is one of the profitable ventures there is no reason for them to actually compromise the quality or stop research.

The mode which is available is for free but with millions of users, the micro-transactions along with YouTube channels are rotating money. The strategies are all in place making promotions in a way that the users are caught up in the whole experience. Since the updates had been regular and in accordance with the requirements the game has benefitted a lot.


The culture and the mindset play a vital role in maintaining the popularity of the game. GTA V comes from one of the early games which have maintained its authenticity yet made changes from time-to-time to create something larger than just gaming.

It is a phenomenon which is here to stay. It is a dad rock of the video games and which is due to the consistency and reliability it provides to its players. Since it appeals to wider age group with the features it provides it is rightly called so. There is no reason not to call it the best game as of now.

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