Pros and Cons of Using the Help of Writing Companies

The process of composing essays for either tests or just daily class assignments can be a source of concern for many learners. Not everyone has the ability to channel their ‘inner writer’ and this is understandable.

While some students are gifted to the point of independently writing a creative text, a couple of others tend to have strengths in skills other than this. Hence, the announcement of an essay-based assignment is a dreaded situation for them.

Pros and Cons of Writing Companies

Such students often end up seeking assistance from either their fellow students or go directly to search for online essay experts. These online experts are often the representatives of one online writing service or the other. They come in different forms, each trying to convince prospective clients of their competence.

And some actually confine their expertise to a specific set of essays, or student groups e.g. some companies deal only with university students; others are content to deal with research candidates and doctorate students. Yet, some possess the dexterity to serve all groups of students, providing all kinds of writing online services.

What services are often advertised by these companies?

There is a broad range of services people may get from these companies. However, the most common ones include the following:

  • Research/Dissertation.
  • Argumentative/ Descriptive/ Narrative/ Reflective essays.
  • Reviews: books, movies, important events or people, political happenings.
  • High school assignments: math, history and the likes.

The struggle

If there’s anything that stays true for most students, it’s the fact that schoolwork never seems to end. Due to the fact that multiple subjects are offered at once, students often find it cumbersome keeping up with all given deadlines at once. They turn for help to these companies with just one request and it is do my essay please. And the honest ones among these sites are usually the ones that save these students from stress.

Pros And Cons Of Using Academic Writing Help Services


  • One of the foremost benefits lies in the fact that part of the workload is lifted from the student. This is especially true if the student gets assigned to writing texts for complex subjects that give them much stress. Some university students dread creative writing because they haven’t learned to tap into their imaginations and as such, need professional help.
  • Another benefit is the student gets some spare time for other activities. Writing texts can be quite time- Most of the time is spent brainstorming for new ideas to make the essay grade-worthy. Employing the services of a writing service helps the student to focus on other aspects of their studies and personal life. They still get good grades and don’t lose out on moments in their life.
  • A third benefit could be tied to the brainstorming process. Will writing company allow you to choose an expert to work with? Yes, absolutely. What’s more? You get to brainstorm together with the expert, which in itself like a consultation of sorts. You both trade ideas, the expert corrects any faulty assumptions you have. You both look through the topic and draw up a structure. End result – a perfect essay, and several lessons and tips that would guide you in writing should you lose too much time to ask for help the next time you have a similar assignment.
  • The fourth benefit is that the resulting essays are always checked to ensure that they are totally unique i.e. their kind isn’t found anywhere else online. A totally unique work means a high quality level of expertise – the best for your grades.


  • If you fall into the hands of a poor-quality writing company, chances are that your work might either get plagiarized or itself be a plagiarized copy of someone else’s work.
  • Finding good essay experts and trustworthy sites can be very difficult sometimes. Due to an abundance of scammers and fake companies, it is difficult to recognize the real deal when you see it.
  • Cheap doesn’t always mean perfect. Poor-quality sites could cause havoc for students who unknowingly depend on them. From delayed paper delivery to shoddily done jobs, or you get swindled altogether – no paper, no refund.
  • Customer service representatives could be anything from naughty to nonchalant, even outrightly rude when you ask them for help or lodge complaints.

All students are always advised to ‘look before leaping’; a single attempt of trusting the wrong set of people could be all it takes to fail an assignment. In comparison, using the right set of people even once could be the determining factor for your grades to soar.

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