5 Celebrity Trends That Are Making Waves In 2018

Most of us look up to at least one celebrity. We might style our hair like this person or aim to imitate his or her style. Surprisingly enough, many trends that celebrities follow do not require vast fame or fortune.

Celebrity Trends - Fashion Trends

No matter where you are in your life, you can apply many of the ideas below, at little to no cost to you to be trendy like the person you look up to.

Going vegan

Many celebrities are boastfully vegan, and they have no qualms about sharing their lifestyle with others. Some do it for health reasons, others for concerns over animal rights.

But veganism isn’t just trendy. There are people who genuinely believe in its cause. According to some, food production is the No. 1 industry damaging the environment, causing global warming and massive amounts of deforestation and wasted drinking water.

Eating meat and animal products are associated with many chronic diseases, from heart disease to diabetes to obesity to cancer. Veganism also makes perfect economic sense since it is cheaper for your family to eat vegan and cheaper to feed people on a global level as well.

Getting fit and strong

Not only are more and more celebrities going vegan, but many have a background in fitness as well. It makes sense, if you think about it. As the population gets more overweight and obese, these healthy, fit, strong people stand out, and people look up to them as role models.

Getting fit and strong

And getting fit and strong doesn’t an arm and a leg either. You can join a gym for a low monthly price or even do bodyweight training at home for free.

Buying custom jewelry

This is another thing you may think of as being extremely expensive and only for celebrities, but it’s not. Thanks to online stores that promise cost savings, you can now get custom jewelry at affordable prices. Nowadays, there are options for anyone’s budget, and there is no reason you should not indulge yourself in something that will make you feel special.

Buying custom jewelry

Trying nootropics

Who doesn’t want to have an extraordinary drive like in the movie Limitless? Performing highly in any area begins with unquenchable motivation, and people are willing to try anything to give them a slight edge.

Nootropics are compounds that increase cognitive function. Some nootropics are as simple as coffee to keep you awake and focused. Others come in the form of herbal supplements, like ginseng or ginkgo biloba. Others still may be vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements that help brain function.

Try starting with whatever you are comfortable with and experimenting one by one. Be safe, and consult your doctor when in doubt.

Starting biohacking

Biohacking is also one of those things that sound like it comes out of either a sci-fi or horror movie, but you don’t have to transform yourself into Frankenstein or a cyborg to be the best version of yourself.

Biohacking simply means experimenting with your body to see what works best for you. It can be optimizing your sleep patterns, trying a different exercise, or walking on grass barefoot to release static electricity. You could also listen to some binaural audios to enhance your meditation.

What biohacking isn’t is being reckless with your body or hurting or injuring yourself. Always practice safely; use common sense; and consult a qualified professional when in doubt.

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