Here are Some Top Kitchen Essentials That You Should Think About

With New Year around the corner, there can be no other time as perfect as now to reorganize your kitchen. With so many kitchen tools out there, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right ones for yourself.

However, do not stress over the dilemma of what kitchen tools to invest in, as here’s a list of some of the best kitchen essentials that are worth your investment.

Top Kitchen Essentials

1] Sharp Knives

These are by far one of the most important kitchen tools in a cook’s collection. They are the soul of the kitchen. There should be four kinds of knives in every kitchen.

  • A chef’s knife (slicing and chopping).
  • All-purpose knife (for vegetables).
  • Paring knife (for holding the food with one and cutting it with another).
  • Bread knife (for slicing bread).

2] Mandoline Slicers

Whether you want thinly sliced cuts or thick ones, straight cuts, wavy and waffle cuts, larger French fry cuts or small julienne cuts, mandolin slicers are perfect. They are long-lasting, easily cleanable, and come with hand guard for safety. The sturdy legs make it easy to hold them at a comfortable angle for slicing.

3] Wooden Chopping Board

A chopping board should be sturdy, durable, reliable and safe for food preparation, and a wooden chopping board provides you with all these comforts. The cleaning and maintenance of these boards are also easy, thus, not harbouring any harmful bacteria.

The colour-coded chopping boards not only enhance your kitchen’s style but also prevent cross-contamination.  The standard colour-coding system is as follows:

  • Red for raw red meat.
  • Green for fruits and vegetables.
  • Blue for fresh seafood.
  • Yellow for poultry.
  • Brown for cooked meat.
  • White for bread and dairy products.

Online shopping for Chopping Board is now more convenient and easy with the availability of many different ecommerce portals.

4] Immersion Hand Blender

A hand blender is a must-have in every kitchen for making sauces and smoothies effortlessly. The hand blender gives us a hassle-free cooking experience. It is a versatile appliance and is better than your standard blender in every way.

Beating, pureeing, whipping or emulsifying ingredients would never have been an enjoyable experience as it would be now. Moreover, there is an added advantage of simple and easy cleaning experience.

5] Colander

A colander is an indispensable, well-equipped kitchen essential. It makes draining, rinsing and washing of vegetables, pasta noodles, rice, grains, etc., easier and quicker. It is a bowl-shaped strainer and can either be fine-meshed or have bigger holes, depending on the ingredients it is used for. Many colanders come with non-slip handles and feet which makes it non-slippery and a convenient utensil to be used.

6] Grater

A grater is a handy kitchen tool for shredding or grating food items into fine pieces. It works wonders for stir-fries, salads, cheese, and slaws. Grating the food items is quicker, more comfortable and convenient than cutting them manually into similar evenly small pieces.

However, instead of buying different types of graters, it is better to purchase a multi-purpose grater which allows you to grate citrus, coarse, fine, ultra-coarse, shave and slice the food items.

7] Cast Iron Skillet

These have proved to be the kitchen’s workhorses throughout the world for over 2,000 years. These are favourable kitchen tools because of their impressive heat retention capacity and heavy cast iron built.

These are pre-seasoned which does not allow food to stick in the skillet. What’s more interesting is that they are highly durable, can be used for cooking anything, can be used on the stove and in the oven alike.

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are different types of spoons, peeler, skimmer, slotted spatula, tongs, measuring cups, whisk, etc., which also prove beneficial cooking tools.

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