How to When Stay Safe Gambling Online

Imagine you have selected one out of the best UK Paypal Casinos 2018, signed up for an account and you have had a streak of winnings lately. You decide to withdraw some of your money. The money doesn’t get into your account immediately and you are prompted to wait for 2 to 3 business days as they process your request.

How to stay safe when online gambling

Days turn into weeks and promises to get your money are looking grim. Then one morning you wake up to this- “on 30th July 2018, the Casino Gambling commission deemed this site unfavorable for use and their operations license has, therefore, been put on hold.

Apologies for any inconveniences caused.”  This is when you realize that your money is gone with a fictitious scheme that seemed so legit when you were signing up!

This is just a worst case scenario of what could happen as a result of not observing online gambling safety. Other minor situations, but equally devastating such as losing your password or someone hacking into your computer could also happen. What should you do to stay safe while gambling online?

Do your research

In gambling, don’t’ just sign up for the something blindly. It is wrong to assume that the site is legit just because it is in operation. Something could have been overlooked when the site was being registered but the concerned authorities will discover this sooner or later and shut down the site.

Before committing to a gambling site, dedicate 30 minutes or more until you are convinced that the site can be trusted, especially when it comes to paying up the customers with their winnings. What should you look for when doing your research?

1] How long have they been in business

Most scams sure do last in business but not for a long time. If a gambling site has been in operation for 3-5 years and counting, it is an indication that business is good and they have no intention if risking business closure.

2] What do they ask you?

A gambling site should only be interested in verifying the basic info, that is, your age, email address, and phone number. Limit yourself from subscribing to sites that require you to feed too much personal information online.

3] Bonuses

Gambling sites are also in business to make a profit. They are not in operation to grant the public with things for free. If the bonuses sound too good to be true, it’s probably just a trick to make you sign up.

4] Customer reviews and forums

Customer reviews from credible customer review sites will show you the kind of reputation that the gambling site has. Do the players like them? Is anyone complaining of a delayed payment?

Do they charge up too much money for withdrawals? Is the site capable of running without unexpected shutdowns? Reading customer reviews will give you a comprehensive answer to these questions.

Important to note, however, even the best gambling sites are not capable of making everyone happy. In a world where one is capable of buying reviews, just “run” when you come across a gambling site that is being recommended by everyone.


A legit gambling site must boast of operating licenses and permits acquired from recognized bodies. Don’t sign up on a site that has not yet been certified and accredited.

Use your own devices

Online gamblers are always advised to use their own devices. Things could go wrong when you are using a public computer because you are not sure if someone is watching you.

Make your password impossible to guess

When it comes to online gambling sites, avoid predictable passwords such as your phone number. Make sure that your password is a bit complicated and change it one or two times a month. You should also not remember your login information when you are prompted to do so by your browser.

Is your firewall up-to-date?

Always keep your antivirus and firewalls are up-to-date. This will help protect you from hackers and the latest viruses.

Avoid software downloads

Avoid software downloads

Most gambling sites offer on-site play for their customers. Signing up for a site that requires software downloads for you to enjoy the services is not a wise idea. Gambling online is always safer because most browsers come with additional security features. Gambling through software might leave a gap for hackers and viruses to compromise everything.

Risk little by little

It is not advisable to stake a lot of money, especially when you are new to the site. Stake little by little unless you are sure that the site can be trusted with larger deposits.

Beware of spam mail

A gambling site will never send you an email requesting for your password. Today, it is very easy for hackers to access email directories for top sites so don’t wonder how a spammer could know that you are a subscriber to a gambling site.

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