The Branded or Third-party Optical Module, Which One to Choose?

With the rapid development of fiber optic communication, the demand for fiber optic transceivers has been sharply growing. Therefore, the third-party optical modules came out a lot on the market. Many users select the third-party optical transceivers instead of the brand ones because of the lower costs and the almost same performances.

Name Brands vs Third-Party Optical Module

Branded or Third-party Optical Module

Then which one on earth am I supposed to choose? There are also a bunch of users have nothing in mind about that, to figure it out, you have to know all the things as below.

Why are the original optical modules so expensive?

  • The well-known brand network equipment manufacturers on the market are not too much like Cisco, Huawei, and other several ones, which monopolized the whole market.For users who want the original quality or products, there is nothing to choose from but only these branded products. Without fierce competition, naturally caused the incredibly high prices.
  • Brand effect generates more costs, but the influence brought by brand effect is quite obvious. The equipment producers like Cisco, Huawei get well-known based on the advantages of their brands; high price is a necessary result.
  • Lack of professional knowledge of fiber optic transceivers for the majority of people. Unlike the fashion or shoes which can be roughly identified by feeling the material quality and style, the optic modules are kinds of highly technological industrial products which are hardly seen in daily life. Most people have little understanding about them and are not able to identify the quality, because of which, the brand effect makes them think of nothing but the famous brands like Cisco, Huawei, H3C when they purchase fiber optic transceiversand have to stand the high price for the brand original quality.

In fact, for most users, on the one hand, they want to save the costs of fiber-optic network hardware; on the other hand, they want the equipment’s performance as good as the brand products’, in this condition, the third-party optical modules have been becoming a cost-effective solution instead of the original fiber optic modules.Shown as above picture, it is Compatible Cisco SFP-10G-SR module for your reference.

The advantages and disadvantages of third-party optical modules

  • In the network system, the compatible optical modules have some obvious advantages.The third-party compatible module is not only compatible with any available brand equipment, and free from expensive price, but also provides a variety of options for networks. If you use the copper network, single-mode fiber network, multi mode fiber network, a mixture of the two or other networks, the third-party SFP optical module is more cost-effective to be compatible with your equipment and without the need for the original optical modules.
  • More competitive price than the original optical modules.

If you want to completely improve your system, the use of compatible optical modules can save hundreds of dollars for you and achieve the same performance, which can be accomplished by many reliable third-party compatible optical module manufacturers and with good stability in the compatibility.

  • Warranty with longer validity time and better services.

After-sales service is essential for most products. The third-party compatible optical modules make your cost lower and give you higher guarantee by 3 years of effective warranty.

  • Most people think the quality of the third-party optical modules is less as good as that of the brand original ones, but with the improving of technology and materials, some manufacturers like Cozlink manage to use the advanced technology and standard materials to make products free from the practical differences that may cause troubles, and more than that, they also provide effective guarantee of quality for users.


In the age of information and medium flourishing and developing, the third-party optical modules are created and able to solve a large portion of demands of people for the network of high-bandwidth and capacity.

They are surely the good and cost-effective choice for people who have apprehension about the high prices of original optical modules, and if you choose that, the only thing you should pay attention to is to find a reliable supplier. 🙂

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