Math Chapters That Are Important For Every 12th CBSE Student

Board examinations are critical for everyone. This exam identifies the most suitable colleges for students and their talent to opt for a specified field of study in the long run. The board exams may thus make or break the child’s career as per their preparation.

That is why every 12th student must be well-prepared for it. CBSE students, therefore, take this examination seriously. Since maths is quite an essential subject to skill at, CBSE students focus on this subject and make sure to ace it as far as possible.

12th CBSE Student

Let us take a look at the introductory math chapters you need to prepare for. Probability Ncert Solutions Class 12 is also one of them.

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

This essential chapter of mathematics carries a critical space in the question papers during CBSE board examinations. Most questions relating to it have one mark each, while simplified using the inverse formula may carry between 2 to 4 marks, respectively.

That is why students cannot miss this chapter at all. Also, inverse trigonometric functions include a versatile range of topics, including principal value, the composition of function, inverse of a function, and even finding values of variables by equality by matrices.


This one is perhaps the easiest and the most scoring math chapter of all. Probability Ncert Solutions Class 12 may also be a significant part of the board exams for CBSE students because it is necessary for many ways in our careers.

There are generally three Probability questions available in the question paper-one of 4 marks and the remaining of 6.

As a result, we recommend you to prepare thoroughly to score top grades without any hindrance. The binomial distribution is one of the most important topics covered under it. So, make sure you study it correctly with the help of the right books and courses at hand.

Linear Programming

If you are worried about completing the remaining math chapters, linear programming is also a part of this list. It may be the most scoring of all the questions in your math paper, so make sure you prepare it thoroughly with the help of a potential math tutor. It may carry two questions of 4 marks and the remaining of 6.

So, you have to be prepared accordingly. Graphical method, Bayes theorem, and Conditional Probability are essential topics in this chapter. Students also have to learn about manufacturing problems. As a result, Probability Ncert Solutions Class 12 is not the only thing to concentrate on.


For every CBSE student wondering about Probability Ncert Solutions Class 12, Calculus is the worst nightmare.

However, if you get the hang of it right, you will be able to top the class without any inconvenience at all. So, all you need is a good tutor and a hands-down calculus book to guide you through the sums correctly. Also, make sure you start with the basics for utmost convenience.


These were some of the most important chapters to prepare, along with Probability Ncert Solutions Class 12. So, why keep waiting? Study them all and top the grades next time.

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