How To Start A Home Based Photography Business

If you have a camera and you love taking pictures, then you can turn your passion, talent and hobby into a money making venture. If you already hold a job somewhere, you can consider starting it from home.

While you may be good at photography, before you begin taking pictures and charging for them, you need to do an adequate research and plan your business to increase your success odds.

How to Start a Successful Photography Business

Start A Home Based Photography Business

Asides getting paid for doing what you love, you will enjoy flexible schedule that allows you begin and hold another job, meet new people and health capture important moments in the life of people.

If you are ready to take pictures and make money from them, here are helpful tips:

1] Decide The Types Of Photography Service To Offer

Businesses and individuals needs photographers for many reasons. You may decide to take pictures for businesses who needs pictures of products for magazines, for real estate agents who needs pictures of the homes they sell.

You may also decide to stick to taking non business photographs such as portraits.

2] Formulate A Business Plan

Business plans are important as it outlines the details of your business, including the services you offer, how you will differ from your competitors, financial projections as well as marketing strategies. The amount you charge needs to take your time, supplies and cost of equipments into consideration.

3] Decide Business Structure

The easiest and lowest cost option is sole proprietorship but if you decide to form a Limited Liability Company(LLC), it will offer greater protection for your personal assets in situations where you run into legal problems.

4] Create A Business Name

The name you decide for your business will become the brand name. So ensure you pick a name that suits the type of photography you want to do. If you want to take portraits of children, it is best you choose a name that relates to them but photographs for businesses requires a more professional name.

To be on the safer end of the law, when you’d pick a name , check with the patent and trademark office to ensure the name hasn’t been protected by trademark.

5] Establish Your Business Officially

Once you have a business name and have already set up your business structure, you need to obtain a business license or permit as required by the law of the place you reside.

Although you may take photos using a digital camera, since you will be giving people prints, you’ll need to collect sales tax if you reside in a place that charges sales tax. Your tax office will have the necessary forms and information on how to collect and pay sales tax. Once you have your business license, you can open a business bank account.

6] Gather Needed Equipments And Supplies

If photography is your hobby, you may already have much of the equipments you need. You will have to own quality equipments to be able to charge for your services.

Along with a camera, you will make use of lenses, flashes, batteries, photo editing software, quality photo papers and packaging used to deliver the photos. You may also need lights and screens to control lighting.

Starting a Photography Business

7] Create A Marketing Strategy

To effectively market your photography business, you will need to have photography business cards, which will be delivered to potential customers and clients. Also you will need a brochure, a website.

Set up social media accounts like Instagram in network your potential target market can be found. You will need to get permission from your clients before posting their photographs on your social media accounts.

8] Marketing

The key to success in a photography business is marketing. You can’t take and get paid for photos if no one hires you. Along with photography business cards, brochures and a website, use your personal and professional networks to spread the word about your business.

Attend trade shows, seminars, workshops and events geared toward your market. For example, if you want to do wedding photography, attend wedding shows. If you want to take pet portraits, attend dog shows. Ensure you are closer to your potential clients as much as you can.

Read and put these tips into practice and watch your photography business soar!

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