How to Use Real Estate Sites to Their Fullest Advantages

When all else fails, look online and find the answer.  Right? That seems to be the mindset these days.  Don’t know how to fix your sink? Look for a YouTube video. Aren’t sure how what to buy? Check out the Amazon product reviews.

Real Estate Sites

The list can go on and on. Most people are using the internet for step by step instructions to solve problems. But, the real go-getters are figuring out how to use the information online as a stepping stone into making a lot of money.  This is especially true in the real estate market.

You could be listing Madison real estate, or you could be shopping for real estate in Manhattan. It doesn’t matter. Learning how to use the information on real estate sites will help you regardless of whether you are a buyer, seller, or broker.  Here’s how.

Go Mobile

People check their phones 80 times per day. That means that home buyers are looking for houses on the go.

So as a real estate agent, you need to make sure that the sites you are posting homes on are mobile-friendly. The need to have what is called responsive design. This means that the screen automatically adjusts based on the device viewing it. Simply put, it makes things much easier to see on mobile devices.

Communicate with Colleagues

As soon as you publish a listing, let your colleagues know it’s out there. The more you market the property to people trying to sell it, the more likely you are to get a quick sale.

Also, when your colleagues publish a new listing, send them a note letting them know you notices. Something like, “Hey, that new listing looks awesome.” You might have to negotiate with that person someday, and your kindness just might help you win them over.

Take High-Quality Pictures

Photographs are a buyer’s first impression. So, you need to make sure you stage the home and publish the maximum number of pictures. Show off all of the living areas and focus heavily on the kitchens and bathrooms-especially if they’ve recently been updated.

Do not overlook the yard. Landscaping, decks, and pools are a big selling point for some shoppers.

Everyone Loves Video

A lot of real estate websites offer you the ability to do virtual tours or video showings. Make sure that you take advantage of this option.  Again, people will look at a house online before the schedule a walkthrough. If you want to move them to that second step, take advantage of the virtual tours.


The internet has changed how business is done. Gone are the days of combing the MLS looking for the perfect property and going to 15 different showings on the weekends.

Done correctly, online property listings can save you a significant amount of time. The key is don’t rush to get your property on to a website. Take your time and stage it. Give it a strong digital presence. That’s what will get buyers to want to go see it.

Today, it’s all about a robust digital presence. If a place looks good online, buyers will reach out to you.  If it doesn’t, they will click on through to the next property.

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